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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello people!

It takes me so long to update my blog. There's been some problem which I have mentioned in my previous post which is the inability to post both pictures and text in 1 post itself.
Got some advice from a friend and today, I have decided to try it out :D

Let me update something on my new (2nd sem). This sem starts from 3rd week of August until December 2011. There goes year 2011. I'm currently taking 5 subjects:

1. Introduction to Internet Technologies which includes the basic knowledge of  web page development which means creating your own website! Interesting huh? :)

2. Database Management. Basic knowledge on how database works. Lecturer has problems telling all her personal stories and experiences. We really don't wanna know when and why caused her having problems to pee -.-

3. Structured Programming. The 2nd stage of computer programming after the 1st sem's Program Logic Formation. Same lecturer so we know her style and all. I really didn't like it during the 1st sem but now I'm getting better already :)

 "To succeed in something, you must first like it." (=

4. Discrete Mathematics. A harder, more complicated maths after the Fundamental of Mathematics. Basically it's how computer understands numbers. from human language to computer language.

5. MPW - Malaysian Studies. WOW. Sejarah in English? History. Haa. The lecturer is so hilarious laa.

So overall that's what I've been up to this sem. Owhh by the way, there's a new blog that I've created to fulfill the requirement of the 1st subject mentioned above. I'd be updating that more often (just for this sem!). So yeahh. http://benjazzxdphotography.wordpress.com/

See you guys real soon :)

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God bless! :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My new pet.

 P/S: 'MY' new pet :D
Ruffie is her name :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Course mates :)

Hello people!

It has been SO long since I have updated my blog. 
I wonder if you guys knew what's wrong with me, not really with me in exact but yeahh. 
So the problem is, my laptop doesn't allow me to upload pictures and put in texts at the same time. 
To be precise, it's the pictures that are making much problems. 

This was something I wanted to post LONG ago. 
It's time to introduce to you guys and girls: 
My course mates! :D

All these pictures are taken during our 1st ever presentation day for our IT subject. 
Let's start with my best buddy: Tan Chun Long :)

This picture looks.... nevermind.
He spends a lot of time on Facebook, I guess he'd die without being on it.
Quite a popular person on Facebook. 
One status / picture will attract millions of 'likes'. 
Nah~ Millions are defined as A LOT!!
My faithful & loyal group assignment partner, no one dares to ajak him to be in the same group. 
He wouldn't wanna leave me either because I do most tough jobs on his behalf so yeahh.

Next, this fella is super good looking laa! His smile can melt people's hearts. 
Thank God for my strong heart + resistance, now I'm used to his good looks. LOL
Colin Chan :)

Sorry girls! He's taken! :P

This is Eugene Lim, my primary school friend. 
Only God knows we would end up in the same Uni and in the same course. HAHA
Pro in maths, he helps a lot ;)

We both smiled like small kids, HAHA

Then, this is Fang Shi Xiang. All of us agree that he's very cute, 
both outward appearance and the way he talks ;P

This is Koh Month Yean aka Xui Koh. 
Pro in programming, anything we can't solve? Then we shout: "XUI KOH!!!" haha

This is like his signature smile which isn't a smile pon =|

Next would be Yi Yang, I forgot his surname :P 
The only Nilai fella that goes back home everyday! A lil' envious :P
Nearest from home, late to class everyday :O

Lastly, the only foreigner in the class: Ali bin Minhas. 
He's from Pakistan. The 1st time I tried talking to him, his English was so hard to understand!
But praise the Lord that we can converse in English still. Phew~

He couldn't cope with the syllabus so he went home. 
Money and time wasted. But it's good for him to realize it now~

There you go. NO GIRLS. 
Well, there are 2 Indians girls but they don't hang out with us and I don't speak Tamil. 
So I'm like the unique one among the guys.

This was taken on the last day of our finals. 

The boys. From left:
Xui Koh, Shi Xiang, Colin, Eugene, Yi Yang and Ah Long.

This is with me in it :)

From the 1st day, we have been like strangers. Reluctant to even talk.
Slowly, we got to know each other by spending more time together over lunch, assignments and revision.
We're like a family now. 
 Bye guys! Enjoy your 3 weeks sem break and see you next sem!

With much love,
Jasmine xD

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things that I wanna do:

1. Indulge myself in a super good funny book
2. Watch a "Wah" factored movie at the theater. Transformer would be perfect.
3. Walk at least 10 rounds in both Megamall & East Coast Mall.
4. Spend on a McDonald's vanilla sundae and lick it til it starts melting at TC beach.
5. Play with Terry.
6. Chill at SABS Old Town Kopitiam with Enwei,Chien Li, Alisson, Kevin, Adrian, Alfred, Hendriq & Jess Lynn.
7. Go shopping with James again.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


My hair is my 1st life. What's my 2nd? 
Take a guess. It has something to do with my 1st life xDD
My 2nd hair cut of the year 2011, both suck. But thank God, this time was much better. 
At least I didn't shed any tears after this hair cut :(

Now I look like an Egyptian princess. Well, still a princess xD

Wanted to go back to the lady and tell her: Too short laa Auntie!
I always do not dare to speak up when they're cutting my hair. Then, I'd complain about the results of the hair cut. Should have gone to those expensive saloon or back to my favourite hair dresser, Eric. Pay alot but good results at least.

Lecturers gave me in total 5 assignments to be done and 1 of it is designing a poster! Here's what I did: 

I didn't take long to do this but I put a lot of effort. I really hope that my lecturer likes it ^_^

That's it. I'm going back to INTI tomorrow. Can't wait. Woots! :D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Malacca, I love you.

Welcome to Malacca!!! 
I have visited Malacca, visiting 3 friends that I met in INTI.

Sunset at the A Famosa.

I followed Jia Qing aka Kam Mou back to Malacca and met up with Ah Yao and Ah Q. The first place they brought me to was...

Jonker Walk! It's something like the Petaling Street in KL but it only opens during the weekends. Owhh, and less foreigners compared to Petaling Street.

Then we stopped by this old restaurant for cendol. Not bad, it tastes a lil' different from Kuantan's. 
Though I'm not very fond of cendols.

For dinner, we went for Satay Celup. Another new thing to me. 

This is Kam Mou. I called him that because his hair is so 'Kam'. Haha. He appears to be sitting in front of me every meal so I'd always take picture of him xD

Later at night, they brought me to their friend's place. It's located at the Tofu Street and it's called Tofu cafe. LOL! :D

The next day, we went for breakfast. I wanted to try the famous chicken rice ball but it was packed with people. Well, it was Saturday :(

So we went to another stall instead. Kam Mou sat opposite me again. The food there was quite nice actually. 

This was what I had. Assam fish. It tasted fine but the price was killing. :O

Then we hung out at this famous local Malaccan mall : Dataran Pahlawan aka DP.

They love playing pool. So we went to Cue Club in DP. Only they played. I watched and cheered :D

I like purple ball number 4. Purposely asked them to stop playing for awhile to let me snap a picture xD

Ah Yao is on the left while Kam Mou is standing on the right. His expression is.....don't ask :P

I had to go for Revo Malacca that night so we left after their pool session.

For the next visit, I reached at night too. So Ah Yao brought me to a famous Wantan noodles shop. It's quite a special one because it's not the usual black sauce type. Later, Ah Q came and we went to pick James aka Ah Pei. 

They kept saying Ah Pei is a very handsome guy. 
I didn't know how handsome until I met him. He's okie laa~ not bad :D
He wants to be a model and is currently 'studying' in Amber Chia Academy. 
He has the look, 183cm tall and super thin. Too thin in fact =|

We went to Movida which is located near DP. It was wild. Ladies night! Free drinks! ^_^
After that, we went and got Ivan for supper. Supper was fine. But then they decided to go for a Dota session at CC :(

Poor me. I waited for around an hour there. Thank God Ah Yao was kind enough to let me play with his iPhone. yeahh, he's not so kind usually xD

Basically that's the end of the 1st day. We had to sleep early because we needed to get up early the next day :D

The next day, Ah Yao, Ah Pei and I had Chicken Rice Ball for breakfast! At last I had the chance to try. 

Ah Pei sat opposite me so... there, a pic of him xD

After breakfast, Ah Yao guided me around the old historical Malacca street. 

Ah Pei was like ......... *speechless*
He's a fair fella, model-to-be. He was avoiding the sun. He couldn't take heaty weather and all laa~ 
I thought I was the one being like that :O
Soon, we went back to the car and picked Ah Q was just woke up.

Where to? We went looking for Deric. A friend I met in INTI during Youth Empowerment Camp. Surprisingly Ah Yao knows him, so we went to his school because he's taking up form6.

Then we went for lunch at a hawker street. They have good cheap food and drinks. How I wish we have that in INTI then I can save more on food D:

Next, the same old place: DP. They just love to hang out there laa~ 
And of course the usual: Cue Club.
This time I joined in the game because they were pestering me to join. Owhh well. Nope, I can't really play =|
2nd last game, this cute worth-to-laugh-at scenario happened :-

If you know how the game goes, cool. If not, go figure out then you'll know what's this picture is trying to tell ;)

We waiting for the sun to cool because Ah Pei couldn't go under the sun. 
In the evening, we went to the Kota A Famosa. 

Teehee! I didn't know how to pose xDDD

Oops, he had a broken hand! :O

We went back to bathe and get ready for the night time's wild party.  LOL. Not so wild laa~ 

Kam Mou was back from INTI already.Everyone went to the beach near Ah Yao's house and Ah Q brought coke and a unknown drink. It was unknown to me in the beginning but not now :P

Everyone started drinking while Ah Q, Ah Pei and I were chit chatting. 
They did crazy stuff, moulding the sand into....some weird stuff. Suddenly, the guys took off their baju then went running around the beach. LOL! But it was a good time.

Got the chance to take picture with these 2 Leng Zai's. 
Ah Pei & Kam Mou.
Nope, I'm not short. It's just that they're tall :D

And with Ah Q.

It's not easy to snap picture at the beach without any light laa~

Although I knew Ah Yao first, but he introduced me to alot of cool friends and friends' friends. I'm so grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with ^_^

Malacca, I love you. I'll be back :D

More pictures here!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hip Hip?? Hooray!! :D

Heyy people! Sorry for not updating. As you know, INTI line SUCKS. Let's pray for the better. Ahahaha.
Owhh yeah. I'm back home again. For my birthday weekend. Blessings started pouring in  on Monday itself!
I thought my room mate, Crystal and I needed some time out of our room. So we decided to go to Giant for a lil' shopping trip. When it's time to go back, her sister called saying she's coming to Nilai. And she's bringing us for dinner. YAY!!! Thank God Crys likes sushi too. So, we went to Sushi King!! AND AND AND, it's the RM2 bonanza period!! Double YAY!!!

Salmon and more salmon~~ 

This was my drink. It was superb :D 

And this is Crys, my room mate :)

Back to my school Uni, let me show you some places that I have to go to almost everyday. This is the Learning Resource Centre aka LRC. Huge spacious building with COLD COLD air-cond. Ahahaha :)

Then this is the cafeteria. I am the mayor for this place in Foursquare. 
So you should know how often I'll be there..

No, it's not THAT small. Just a small screen shot of the cafeteria :)

Last but not least, my best friend in my course! I call him Ah Long (like real loudly) and everyone started calling him that xD

He might not look nice in pictures but check out his Facebook. So many people would like any picture he uploads and his status, owhh my goodness! He's super funny too. I'd always laugh when he talks. Even lecturers noticed that we're quite close :D

Ahhhh... I love his Iphone 4. Super cool apps and most important of all. He'd let me play with it ALL the time. I have Instagram too! Thanks to him <3
Some pictures attached with this post are actually taken by me using his phone. Good stuff yeahh? :)

Like this! <3

That's all for now. Another post of my advance birthday celebration is coming up! :DD